What is Google Person Finder? How To Use It?

Google Person Finder (formerly Google Missing Person) is an application by Google that allows you to search for people around the world who are reported missing. It can be used in cases of natural disasters, civil unrest, or even terrorist attacks when people may have been separated from their loved ones and need help finding them again.

You can also use GPF to find someone from whom you’ve become separated. It’s easy to use this site to post information about yourself or another person and make sure it reaches the right people quickly and easily. To learn more about how this technology works, read on!

Google Person Finder: Everything You Need To Know

Google Person Finder is a tool created by Google to allow you to easily find people during disasters. When a large disaster occurs, many loved ones and friends go missing, either because they can’t get in touch with each other or because of other communication breakdowns.

It’s not hard to imagine how valuable it would be if there was an easy way for people to quickly find those who are most important to them. That’s where Google Person Finder comes in: you simply enter your friend or family member’s name into its search field and it will show you where he or she is being treated.

Origin History of Google Person Finder

The devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010 inspired Google engineers in Silicon Valley to create a tool that could help people reconnect with their loved ones after natural disasters or other emergencies. In less than a day, they built a simple application and made it available on Google’s website.

Since then, Google Person Finder has evolved and grown with each new crisis. Along with Facebook, Twitter, and others, it has become an essential part of emergency response. After Typhoon Haiyan hit Southeast Asia in 2013, more than 687,000 people used Google Person Finder to search for missing persons.

That was nearly double its previous record during Superstorm Sandy when 340,000 people used it over eight days. Nowadays there are often more volunteers adding records than people searching.

effectiveness Of GPF

Google has set up a dedicated Person Finder site in response to various crises around the world. It was created during last year’s earthquake in Haiti and is frequently used following natural disasters and terrorist attacks. Google’s page for each crisis contains photos of missing persons, either submitted by their families or found on social media sites.

Families can report a person as missing, search through images posted online, or update information about an existing entry. The system works particularly well after natural disasters—and even better when there are good photos available of those reported missing.

Where can You find it?

Google offers an invaluable service in times of crisis. In a nutshell, Google Person Finder is a way to search and post information about victims of tragedies such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks. Victims who have been reported missing can be searched via name, relationship, location, and other factors.

It’s also possible to search for people based on whether they have already been found or not. Posting information about those you’ve seen or spoken with helps rescuers locate them quickly after an event occurs and serves as a lifeline for loved ones who are looking for any sign of their family members.

How to use Google Person Finder?

How to use Google Person Finder?

There are two ways to use Google Person Finder. The first is to do a search on an individual’s name, and Google will show you where that person has been reported missing in places it knows about. You can also enter your own location into Google Person Finder and search for people who have gone missing from there.

To do so, just type in your address and choose Places from under Search tools. If anyone’s missing from that area, their information will appear in a list below your address entry. You can then click on each name or location to see what information is available about them.