What is Google Map Maker?

Google Map Maker is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to directly update Google Maps with information about businesses, transit stations, parks, and more.

It’s great for adding missing streets or updating addresses, as well as creating building outlines and adding new places to the map. While it’s not available worldwide yet, it’s available in many countries and works both on desktop computers and mobile devices (as long as you have a Google Account).

With so many different mapping programs out there, it can be hard to pick the right one—especially when you’re trying to build an effective marketing strategy with Google Maps. While there are plenty of third-party programs that you can use Google Map Maker.

Why Use Google Map Maker

Google Map Maker allows you to contribute to Google Maps. Anyone can create a map that includes places of interest, such as beaches, schools, or other landmarks. You also can add things like bike paths, benches, or streetlights—anything you think might be useful for people who are planning a trip or day out.

Contributing your own data to Google Maps provides an additional layer of information when people use their mobile devices or desktop computers to get directions from one place to another. It’s also an easy way for local governments and tourism boards (or even just business owners) to communicate what makes your city unique.

How to Get Started

To get started using Google Map Maker, simply click here. From there, you can begin editing your neighborhood to keep local businesses up-to-date on maps! To learn more about what Google Map Maker does and how you can edit your local community, check out our Help Center. If you have any other questions or need help using Google Map Maker, we encourage you to post a question in our Help Forum.

Editing Tips

Before editing your post, read through your work and identify areas where you can make your writing tighter. Using an easy tool like Hemingway App can help you find some of these opportunities. For example, did you just repeat a phrase that appears earlier in your post? Did you just say Google Maps instead of Google Map Maker? Are there words or phrases that don’t add anything to your meaning? Are there pieces of information that are already clear from context, so they don’t need to be included at all? Once you’ve made any edits in those places, go ahead and copy-edit again! (And then again if needed.)

Final Thoughts

This post will outline several methods for designing maps, along with descriptions of how to use those methods in Google Maps. Learn more at Google’s official help site.

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