How to Become A Google Ads Specialist?

Google Ads is the dominant method companies use to advertise to their online audience. Here we will know how to become a google ads specialist.

Many businesses don’t have the knowledge to run Google Ads effectively, so they turn to Google Ads specialists to optimize their campaigns.

These experts know the downsides of Google and how to create successful campaigns.If you want to become a Google Ads specialist that can produce consistent results, you still have a lot to learn.

In this guide, I use my 15 years of experience managing Google Ads accounts to show you how to become a Google Ads expert in a simple step-by-step process.

How to become a google paid ads specialist?

Here are the step-by-step guides on how to become a google ads specialist.

Step 1:Learn how Google Ads work

The first step to becoming a Google Ads expert is to understand how Google Ads works.I will explain the most effective way to learn about Google Ads, but first let’s give you an overview of what you need to know.

Google Ads is an advertising platform that allows companies to advertise their products and services on Google and its Internet properties.Ads follow the pay-per-click (PPC) model, which is H. Companies pay for every click they receive on their ads.

The ads are placed in an auction, in which various companies bid to show ads to certain users. Google processes these bids and other factors in real-time to determine which ads to show.

Companies can choose who to target with their ads and what kind of campaign to run. The campaign type determines the format that you can use for your ads. Google currently supports the following campaign types:

Search campaigns: These ads are text ads that appear at the top of Google search results pages. Search Network ads may also appear on Google partner pages.

Visual: These ads are text/image ads that appear on sites and applications in the Google Display Network.
Purchase: These ads are for unique e-commerce products. You can find them at the top of the search results pages or on the Buy tab below the search box. Google Shopping ads consist of product images, descriptions, and item prices.

Application: These ads are for applications and may appear on Google Play, YouTube, or Google Search.
Video: These ads will appear before the videos on YouTube and other Google partner sites.

Google Ads professionals must be able to create and manage all of these types of campaigns. There are many things you need to do to optimize your PPC campaigns, so Google Ads is responsible for a number of tasks.

Here are some of the daily tasks of a Google Ads professional:

  • Conduct keyword research to find profitable opportunities
  • Write ad copy
  • Set up a campaign
  • Management of bid strategies
  • Examine the search query reports for items to exclude
  • Monitor campaign effectiveness
  • Modify your campaigns to improve your results

Now let’s discuss how to better know what you need in order to deal with these different commitments.

The most effective way to learn about Google Ads is to take a Google Ads course. The courses provide an easy-to-understand learning path and bring together all relevant materials in a single source.

My favorite Google Ads course is Reliablesoft Digital Marketing Academy’s own Google Ads course.

The course covers everything you need to know about managing Google Ads campaigns, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced concepts.

Step 2:Understand the Google Ads certification process

Once you understand how Google Ads works, get ready for Google Ads certification.Ratings are Google’s process of recognizing your experience using the advertising platform.

Attaching a qualification to your resume shows that not only do you know how to use Google Ads, but also that you have dedicated time and energy to self-education.

If you run a marketing agency, evaluations can help bring legitimacy into practice. This allows you to stand out from the competition and attract more customers.

Google offers official certifications through the Google Skillshop educational platform. The learning platform offers courses and a certificate management account.

You must take a proficiency test to obtain the certificate. Skillshop courses are designed to help you prepare for exams. There are a number of other resources available to help you learn more about Google Ads.

Step 3:Choose your Google Ads certifications

The next step is to choose which Google Ads certifications you want to purchase. All Google Ads domains have a certificate. These are as follows:

Google Ads Search Ranking – Confirm how you create and optimize your search campaigns

Google Shopping Ad Ranking – Make sure you know how to set up Google Merchant Center and optimize your shopping campaigns.

Google Display Ads Certification – Learn how display ads work and how to use them in a campaign.

Google Ads Measurement Certificate – Shows you know how to measure and optimize your campaigns using Google’s reporting tools.

Google Ads Video Certification – Shows you know how to get results from your video campaigns.

Google Ads Subscription Rank – Shows you know how to use subscription campaigns to achieve various marketing goals.

As a Google Ads professional, it helps to be certified in more than one Google Ads area. During your marketing career, it is very unlikely that you will need to run a single type of campaign.

Companies use Google Ads for all areas of their marketing channel. This may include ads shown to potential customers of the channel on the search network or remarketing display ads to those below the channel.

Step 4:Prepare for the Google Ads exam

Once you know what certifications you want, it’s time to prepare for the exams.

The best place to start is with Skillshop courses. Skillshop offers a series of online courses for each qualification to help you prepare for the exam.

For example, the Google Ads search qualification includes the following lessons that you can use to prepare:

  • Grow your business with Google Ads
  • Discover the value of Google search
  • See your Google Ads auction
  • Send the right message with text ads
  • Make relevant ads with search ad extensions
  • Increase efficiency with automatic bidding
  • Reach valuable customers with search audience segments
  • Increase performance with an optimization factor
  • Increase the number of conversions with the Performance Planner

To access the lessons, click the navigation icon in the navigation menu. From here, go to Google Ads> Google Ads Certificates.

Find the desired certificate and click on it. This will take you to a page with links to the exam and all the programs.

Lessons include videos, written text, and detailed examples. At the end of each lesson there are assessment questions to test your understanding of the concepts.If you answer the questions correctly, Google will mark the course as complete.

You can track your progress to find out which lessons you have completed and which lessons are missing to return to the qualification page.

After completing the lessons, you can review the material if necessary. Skillshop also prepares for a knowledge assessment (practice test).The purpose of this rating is to reflect what you will find in the actual exam.

Additional learning resources can be helpful when preparing for proficiency tests.You can also try some online practice tests. Many websites offer free prep questions similar to those in the Knowledge Survey.

Step 5:Get Google Ads certified

After preparing for the exam, it’s time to get a certificate.All exams are available directly from Skillshop. You can take them with you home or anywhere you can access the internet.

Whereas before there was an exam fee, now all Google Ads certification exams are free.

The exams consist of a mixture of true/false and multiple-choice questions. You must pass at least 80% to pass the exam, except for the Google Ads Assessment, which requires 70%.

The length of the exam varies from certificate to certificate. The type of assessment also affects how many questions are on the exam.You must complete a session after the exam has opened. If you close the browser, the test will end immediately.

You will have access to your certificate immediately after passing the exam. You have a distribution link so you can show the certificate to others.You can add this link to your resume, LinkedIn profile or elsewhere to increase your credibility.

With multiple Google Ads certifications, you’ll be a strong candidate for a Google Ads Expert position at an agency or other company.

If you don’t pass the exam, don’t panic. You can repeat the test as many times as you want. However, you must wait 24 hours after the last retest. Google Ads Certifications don’t last forever, so it takes some effort to keep them active. More on that soon.

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Step 6:Apply your skills

Once you’ve earned your Google Ads certifications, it’s time to put your skills to use. Online courses and exams can teach you a lot. You won’t fully develop into a Google Ads expert until you apply your knowledge to real-world situations.

Here are some handy ways you can apply your Google Ads skills:

Get an entry-level position

The best way to test your skills is with a simple job as a Google Ads specialist.As an entry-level Google Ads professional, you’ll start working on much of what you’ve learned after your certification.

As a career starter, you will also work with experienced Google Ads experts.These colleagues can share their knowledge with you so you can learn even more about Google Ads.

As you develop your skills, you’ll take on new responsibilities and have the opportunity to do more campaign management.

Find customers

There are more and more individuals and businesses that need help from a PPC expert. You can develop your skills as a Google Ads specialist by working with these clients on your Google Ads campaigns.

Here are some good places to find customers looking for Google Ads services:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • People per hour

Besides checking job boards and freelancer websites, you can also use your own network to find clients. Find out if you know someone who needs help managing a Google Ads campaign.You might consider offering a free pilot so the client can assess your capabilities with less risk.

You may also benefit from targeting smaller customers. A full-fledged digital marketing agency can devote more resources to managing Google Ads, but not everyone can afford these services.

For these smaller clients, a cheaper independent Google Ads specialist might be a better option.

Work on your own Business

Another way to improve your Google Ads skills is to work on your own properties. If you have a website or blog, it can serve as an effective medium for advertising campaigns.

By managing campaigns for your own projects, you can apply everything you’ve learned on your way to becoming a Google Ads expert.

If you get positive results from your efforts, you can use the project as an example to show potential customers your skills.

Step 7:Stay informed of Google Ads changes

Being an expert in Google Ads requires lifelong learning.Advertising best practices are changing, and Google is regularly updating its platform.

If you want to remain an expert in Google Ads, you need to be aware of all changes.An easy way to do this is to look for reputable sites that regularly publish Google Ads content.

Here are some sites we’ve found particularly helpful in keeping up with the latest Google Ads news:

Google’s official blog is a great place to keep up to date with your business. The blog is active and has multiple posts most days. If Google makes changes to its properties, details may be added to the blog.

In addition to updates, the Google Blog also provides other resources to help you learn more.In the Google Ads Manager category, you’ll find helpful instructions and blog posts about using the advertising platform.


Think with Google is another Google property that provides useful market research and news about digital trends.The site contains articles, presentations, and videos to help you keep up to date with all of Google Ads.

Google Ads social media profiles

By following Google Ads on social media, you can track your changes to Google.

Google Ads has official accounts on popular platforms such as Twitter and Youtube. They understand that social media is one of the best ways to reach their audience, so they share every update through different profiles.

Step 8:Renew your certification

You must renew your qualification during your career as a Google Ads Professional.Google Ads certifications are valid for one year. If you wish to retain your qualification, you will need to retake the exam.

Every detail of the exam is the same as the original test. You have the same time, the same number of questions and the same number of points to succeed.After passing the exam again, your certificate is valid for another year from this date.

The expiration date is printed on each certificate so you know when to renew. In addition, Skillshop will send you an email reminder about a week before the certificate expires.

Step 9:Start blogging about Google Ads

As you develop your skills and gain experience, you can focus on expanding your business and sharing your experience with others.One of the best ways to start a digital marketing blog is to write about Google Ads.

If you write regularly about Google Ads, you can show your readers everything you know about Google Ads. This will help you become an industry expert and increase your credibility.

Content can be a powerful tool for attracting attention and growing your audience, as readers will be interested in Google Ads in some way. Many of these readers may have projects that require the help of a Google Ads Specialist.

In addition to your own blog, you can also contribute guest posts to other reputable sites.This will reach even more people and strengthen you as an expert in Google Ads.

Step 10:Create a portfolio and gather customer reviews

When you start finding a job as a Google Ads Specialist, it’s essential to gather customer feedback and build a portfolio of previous projects.

When talking to potential customers, many people want to see what you’ve done in the past.The most direct way to show them your value is to provide feedback and feedback from previous customers.

With positive feedback from previous customers, potential customers can be more confident in giving you control over their Google Ads account.

You need to create a system that collects customer feedback at the end of projects. The more details you provide, the better. Especially the numbers. If you can quantify the results, the reviews will be much more effective.
Once you receive the ratings, you can add them all to your previous workbook. As your portfolio grows, you can share your success with potential customers.

A strong portfolio opens the door to larger projects. Large accounts will almost always want to see a detailed record of previous meetings before signing.

Your portfolio will also be key if you want to set up your own agency. Leads would evaluate the quality of your business based on your previous work.

Is it worth becoming a Google Adwords Expert?

If you have a business or want to work for a marketing agency, it’s worth taking the time to become a Google Ads expert.

As a Google Ads expert, learn how the platform works and how to create successful campaigns.You can use your data to provide optimal results for your customers or yourself.

Plus, with all the resources available, it’s easier than ever to become a Google Ads expert.A Google Ads expert can do well in google maps marketing also.

Start with a course, get certified and start gaining experience. Over time, you will become a legitimate Google Ads expert and enjoy all the benefits of the service.

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