Google Maps Marketing Demo (Complete Guide)

What is Google Maps Marketing?

Google Maps is not just a tool for directions and estimated travel times anymore; it’s also become one of the best and most effective ways to reach customers and drive traffic by using google maps marketing demo.

If you have any interest in marketing your local business online, it’s time to take note of all the opportunities presented by Google Maps marketing. Read on to learn what this marketing strategy can do for you and your business, as well as how to get started using Google Maps in your advertising campaigns.

It is an online marketing strategy that utilizes the Google Maps platform to create an interactive experience for your target audience. Most people would say that Google Maps marketing involves using Google Maps as a promotional tool to help increase visibility and drive traffic to your website or other locations online.

As it is an important marketing strategy for local businesses, here we will give you a complete guide on this. By reading this demo you can increase your businesses locally. Let’s start reading.

Benefits of Google Maps Marketing?

Before we start learning google maps marketing, at first we should know the benefits of this kind of marketing. There are many benefits of map marketing. Here we will talk about the 5 most important benefits.

benefits of google maps marketing

1. Google Maps Helps People To Find Your Business

Google Maps is one the most powerful medium to find businesses online. It allows any kind of local business owners to pin and list their businesses. Consumers can easily find and view their options before deciding to go or contact the business.

The search algorithm of google maps works both for the business owners and the consumers. It shows results for which the users are searching for according to business owners given information.

There are all the options where one can submit all of his business information. Google stores all of the given information. When consumers search for their products or services, it shows the most relevant result.

Almost 46% of all Google searches are local. Where users seek local information. If you are not in the map, you should be there. Otherwise, you will lose a large portion of your local customers.

2. Allowing People to Contact Your Business Quickly

When consumers view your business listing on Google Maps, it provides a summary index of your business that includes your business’s name, phone number and address.

And since most of the local searches are performed by a call to action by phone, they directly can call your business in one tap. It is the place where people can make an instant decision. For example, where one can find a nearby restaurant or locksmith in time of emergency.

It helps people to view the business, ask questions, contact the business and decide to go or not. It makes the consumers go for the next steps and business to connect with their potential customers.

3. Encourages People to Visit Your Location or Website

In addition to entering your work phone number, Google Maps will highlight all of your business information. For traditional businesses like stores or restaurants, users can quickly discover your business profile and find directions without any apps or website —all in one central place. It’s a simple scroll and touch between a prospect and a customer.

For businesses that sell services or products that require more research or buy more, the Google Maps listing links directly to your website. This allows users to learn more about the company in an easily accessible way.

Users making a decision or exploring the options, routes and features of the site, which of course is part of Google Maps, allows them to easily visit your business or website. The Google Maps platform is a huge driver of personal and website traffic.

4. Displays Your Business with Images

Today’s consumers are passionate about images, attracting them to the visual display of your business. From images of your business to photos shared by consumers, Google Maps creates a visual presentation of your business, from product/service previews to showcases.

photos for google maps marketing

In fact, photo lists receive 42% more route requests and 35% more site clicks. So, every business should have a well-furnished photo gallery on google maps.

5. Offers Customer Credibility Through Reviews

Nothing builds brand trust more than consumers’ opinion, and the most successful way to do that is through the online ranking that Google Maps reviews in your map listing.

Customer credibility includes star ratings, written reviews, and uploaded images. It encourages consumers to write a review on Google Maps can give potential customers confidence in your business and increase conversions.

As it is a powerful tool, its features and capabilities expand, so does its position as an effective marketing tool for businesses and a search engine for consumers. Most importantly, there are ways to optimize your business profile to take advantage of the Google Maps benefits listed above. Get more out of Google Maps with our google maps marketing demo.

How to Do Google Maps Marketing (Demo)?

To start google maps marketing you have to go within few steps. Some steps are most important and some are less important. Here, we will talk about the 4 most important steps which you should follow before starting your google maps marketing campaign.

Steps 1: Add Your Business on Google Map

1. Open your computer screen, log in to Google Maps.

2. Now, you have 3 ways to add your business:

  • In the search bar enter your address. In the Business Profile, on the left, click Add Business.
  • Right-click on the map. Then, click Add business.
  • Click Menu in the top left,  and then Add business.

3. Last follow all the on-screen instructions to finish logging up for your Business.

Steps 2:  Claim Your Business on Google Map

  1. Open your computer again, open Google Maps.
  2. Enter your business name, in the search bar.
  3. Click on the business name and choose the correct 1.
  4. Click Claim business and then  Manage now.
    • To choose another business, click I manage or own another business.
  5. Now, you will get the verification options. In the next step, you can learn how you can verify your business.

Steps 2:  Verify Your Business

To get full control of your google business profile you must have to verify it.You did not get all of the benefits of GBP without verification.So, to improve your search visibility and ensure more business it should be verified.

  1. First, you have to claim your Business Profile on Google.
  2. After claiming your profile, Google will offer you one or more verification processes like text, phone, email, and video.
    • You may verify your google business profile by more than 1 method.
    • You will get the available method depending on your business category, region, publicly available info,  support hours and volumes.
  3. Choose your preferred verification method.
  4. Sometimes, they need to review verifications. This type of manual review helps to maintain the integrity of all business profiles. This can take up to 7 days.
    • They will be notified you when the verification had done.
    • If you are unable to verify your business by one method, the “Get verified” button will return. Then you can use another method for verification.
  5. After you verify:
    • It can take a few days for your business info to show on Google search.
    • After verification, you can add and update your info whenever you want.
    • Now, you can unlock all the options which were locked before.

Steps 3: Optimize Your Business Listing

In this step, you have to optimize your business profile. Till now, you create your GBP ( Google Business Profile) , verify it. But still, you are unable to make money from this listing. Because of the ranking of the listing.

Though your business is live, your business is not ranked in the Google three pack. To make money from this you have to take your business on the top. For that, you have to optimize your business profile. Here is our guide on how you can optimize your profile to dominate on Google map.

How to Dominate on Google Maps

Update Your Business Regularly

To get the best from your listing it is very important to update the business regularly. Google likes to give ranking according to regular activities. Always update your listing’s info section. Post regularly, add events, give offers to the customers. Regularly upload your business-related images and videos. Try to fill all the sections they are given.

Take Reviews from Your Customers

Reviews are very important for all businesses. It is a big ranking factor. Google likes to show businesses with more positive reviews. Always try to take reviews from your real customers. Don’t buy reviews, it can harm your profile.

Building Citations

Citations are also a big ranking factor for google map ranking. Citations mean the mention of your business’s main info on different third-party websites. Main info means NAP.

N=Name   A=Address   P=Phone Number

Always use the same NAP for every of your citation. Otherwise, it will not help your ranking.

Optimize Your Business Website

You also need to optimize your business website according to your map info. Create service pages for all of your services. Also, create location pages you have more than one location. Write geo-related content and optimize them for your keywords. You can create some relevant backlinks to rank the website also.

Use Google Maps Advertising

Moreover, if you think you want to make money instantly from the listing. There are options for google maps advertising. You can pay Google to show them on the top of Google. It is called PPC.

Conclusion of Google Maps Marketing Demo

I think this Google maps marketing demo help you to improve your local business. Just read this from first to last and apply them to your business. If you find anything hard to understand you can contact us. We can also all of them for you as we provide google maps marketing services.

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